Save Live Music on Broadway

Dear Colleagues,

Broadway Producers Are Chipping Away at Live Music on Broadway!

Producers are slashing the number of musicians in live orchestras and replacing them with canned music. As these producers cut back on live music to squeeze out a few extra dollars in profits—ruining the thrill of seeing a Broadway musical—your ticket prices will continue to go up!
This assault is relentless and could result in the complete replacement of live orchestras with recordings, unless we SOUND OFF now!

Please add your voice to thousands of outraged theatergoers by signing our petition and telling producers to keep Broadway music LIVE!

Please read more about this petition here:

You may go directly to and sign the petition, adding your voice in support of live music and live musicians.

Catch the news behind the story: the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter both have feature articles this week:

Marc Sazer
President, RMA