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Negotiations News Flash

The AFM, after more than 7 years, has finally begun negotiations with the major TV Networks for a successor agreement covering Live TV/Videotape (American Idol, David Letterman, Academy Awards etc..). This has all come up at the last minute and negotiations are starting today in New York. Continue reading

Important Pension Fund information REDUCTION OF PENSION MULTIPLIER

The American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund (AFM-EP Fund) has posted the following important announcement on its website at

“IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – At its October 15, 2009 meeting, the Board of Trustees concluded that the residual effects on the Fund of the collapse of the financial markets will require another reduction in the future rate of benefit accrual effective January 1, 2010, Continue reading

October 2009 Newsletter

AFM and Union Democracy, Part 2 In Part 1 of this series, we documented how the AFM green-lights runaway film scoring through “banking and exchange” and sends your jobs overseas. We also shared with you that the EMSD puts together “special deals” for Live TV/Videotape; that there hasn’t been a negotiation or updated contract in years. Continue reading

Help fellow musicians protest canned ballet music

Ballet Company Replacing Musicians with Recordings Made in China

Dear friends and colleagues,

In June, 2008, the artistic staff of the Texas Ballet Theater traveled to Shanghai, paid $30,000 to the government of China and killed the jobs of AFM musicians. Then, two Board members of the ballet company were paid six-figure salaries, while the musicians were thrown out on the street.

The Texas Ballet Theater management is harming musicians, cheating it’s patrons and cheating it’s community. Onsite protests are taking place this week. You can download the flyer for the Dallas Local 72-147 action here. If you are outside of Dallas, you can help by using the link below.

Go to to add your voice to those who think that live music is an integral part of live performance!