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AFM’s Listen Up! Campaign and Lionsgate Entertainment

Listen Up! is a nationwide campaign led by rank-and-file musicians who are members of the American Federation of Musicians, AFL-CIO. Musicians perform the music that is the soul of a film; the musical score speaks a universal language. We are taking on the entertainment industry to stop the offshoring of film and television music scoring, and to ensure musicians’ work is valued by all companies at the same professional standard as other cast and crew. The public campaign begins with a focus on Lionsgate Entertainment, a major TV and film production company and an entertainment industry leader.

Stand With Us!
Lionsgate Entertainment has produced some of the biggest films, including Twilight and the Hunger Games, over the past few years. But instead of trying to be a good leader in the industry, Lionsgate has decided to maximize its profits by sending musicians’ jobs overseas.

That’s why musicians are speaking out all over the country, telling the company to “Listen Up!” Lionsgate must do better.

Sign the Petition! to tell Lionsgate to stop offshoring musicians’ jobs and uphold accepted industry standards and guarantee proper wages and working conditions for musicians on all of its productions.