Monthly Archives: April 2010


The American Federation of Musicians and the ANA-AAAA Joint Policy Committee of the advertising industry have concluded negotiations for a successor agreement for the AFM Television and Radio Commercial Announcements Agreement.

The first change is the name; the contract will now be more simply called the Commercial Announcements Agreement. Since 2001 our Agreement has covered the internet; it is no longer limited to TV and radio. Continue reading

Pension News

On April 1st, the Pension Fund (AFM-EP Fund; U.S.) starts its fiscal year. We are expecting an announcement from them shortly about the Fund’s financial standing.
The Pension Fund is expected to be certified as being in the Red Zone or Critical Status, as defined under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). In accordance with the PPA, the Fund must then adopt and implement a Rehabilitation Plan as soon as possible. The purpose of the Rehabilitation Plan is to improve the Pension Fund’s financial health with the stated goal being the Fund’s emergence from Critical Status within 10 years or as soon thereafter as possible. Continue reading