SRLA Collective Bargaining

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada collective bargaining agreement with the record industry is called the Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA), and is binding on the major record companies and their subsidiaries; Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Hollywood Records (Disney) and others.
Our union representation for media negotiations comprises:

  • the AFM, represented by the President and Officers of the International Executive Board,
  • AFM Locals, represented by Local Officers,
  • Player Conferences, made up of rank-and-file musicians and serving as advisors to the AFM,
  • AFM and Local staff,
  • Legal Counsel to the AFM.

Our union representatives meet in advance of negotiations for caucus sessions – union-side only discussions to prepare and strategize for the upcoming talks with the employers to agree on a successor contract.

These caucus sessions can be long and hard – everybody involved takes their representation of AFM members seriously! Stay tuned for the next installment – more info to come.