RMA New York Open Letter to AFM President Lee

November 15, 2009

Dear President Lee:

We are writing to express our appreciation for your allowing the participation of two of our members at the recent round of Videotape negotiations held in New York City. As previously stated in our prior correspondence on the subject, we believe that RMA-NY has traditionally been a participant in these negotiations and that it is appropriate for that practice to continue.

Insofar as there has been some written disputation regarding the facts in connection with these recent negotiations, we feel it necessary to make some clarifications. There was never a written or verbal advance communication from the AFM inviting members of RMA to attend the recent round of Videotape negotiations, nor a timely solicitation of RMA proposals prior to their taking place. To the best of our understanding, no names of RMA members were placed on the CBS building security list until the second day of the negotiations, and only then subsequently to the RMA issuing a letter of public protest. Neither was any invitation ever extended by the AFM to RMA Videotape rank and file representative Phil Ayling so that he might undertake to make the trip to New York and attend the negotiations in his official capacity.

The two of us who were allowed to attend (Juliet Haffner and myself) are nonetheless gratified to have been permitted admittance to the room for the portion of the negotiations we were present for, and we look forward to a tomorrow in which the RMA player conference is given unequivocal advance notice of recording contract negotiations, the better to facilitate our future participation in them. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the dialogue with fellow invited rank and file Videotape attendees Tom Malone and Lenny Pickett; their knowledge and experience working under this agreement are invaluable resources to us all.

Very truly yours,

Roger Blanc, President, RMA-NY

On behalf of the RMA-NY Board of Directors

Roger Blanc
Lanny Paykin
   Vice President
Tino Gagliardi
Gail Kruvand-Moye
Helen Campo
Juliet Haffner
Scott Healy
Paul Raiman
Andrew Schwartz