The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Dear Colleagues,

For over half a century, the Musicians of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra have served the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities as well as global audiences—inspiring, entertaining, and enlightening listeners with world-class, virtuosic performances of some of the most profound music ever written.

The SPCO is the nation’s ONLY full-time chamber orchestra, and its Musicians have been lauded for their superior artistry and dynamic performances. They have also been recognized for undertaking groundbreaking initiatives in all aspects of orchestral organization, governance, and imaginative programming.
These musicians have had their concerts cancelled by their own management and are suffering through a lockout that has left them without paychecks – but not without musical commitment to their community. Yet the SPCO is voluntarily performing publicly despite the lockout.

In this Holiday Season, please offer our colleagues your support.. Please visit their website at In this age of social media, please hit “like” for their Facebook page, and sign their supporting petition at These are simple acts that take just a moment, but really can make a difference.

Importantly, you can help real musicians survive in the real world. Please consider making a donation. The musicians of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra appreciate your Paypal donations; please follow the Donation link at (the link is on the right hand side of the pate).

In this Holiday season, we can share the joy and satisfaction that can flow from sharing our pain and difficulty. Musicians standing together make our world a better place.

Happy Holidays to all!
Marc Sazer
President, RMA