The Musicians of the Louisville Orchestra Under Siege

Dear Colleagues,

The following is an urgent appeal for your participation in an online petition on behalf of fellow musicians. On this important holiday weekend, please take a moment to “click” and sign this petition.

TO: Orchestra-L and Delegate-L

FROM: Bruce Ridge, ICSOM Chair
SUBJECT: urgent petition to support Louisville
Dear friends and colleagues,

As you might have read in the Louisville Courier-Journal article posted to Orchestra-L this evening, the management of the Louisville Orchestra has announced that they intend to immediately hire a replacement orchestra and that they will no longer negotiate with the members of the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association(LOMA).

This evening, the LOMA has established an on-line petition that will allow you to demonstrate your support for the musicians of this great and historic orchestra. It is very important that musicians everywhere sign this petition in a display of solidarity, and to demonstrate to the leaders of the city of Louisville that the musicians of the LOMA have support from across the world.

Please forward the petition link to everyone you know, and post it on your Facebook pages, etc. We must spread the word through our united network of friends to every member of ICSOM, the entire AFM, and beyond.

The petition can be found at:

in solidarity,
Bruce Ridge
Chairman, ICSOM


Stay tuned for more news…
Marc Sazer
President RMA