Taxation With Representation

The 2010 AFM Convention adopted a financial package with something very new, very different, and very exciting.

A new fee, like per capita dues (your annual membership dues), can now be proposed by the AFM International Executive Board outside of the Convention. It would only go into effect if you and your recording musician colleagues vote it in. For the very first time, some Federation dues for recording musicians are subject to vote by the very members paying them!

Like membership dues, or symphonic dues to ICSOM or ROPA, this new fee would be a flat, fixed amount. It is intended to help pay for turnkey, baseline expenses.This dramatically new provision of AFM Bylaws allows for this fee to be adopted only if a) it is agreed to by a rank-and-file Oversight Committee and b) you agree. By secret ballot!

The AFM’s financial interest will be directly tied to having healthy communication with AFM recording musicians. The community of AFM recording musicians will be identified by the AFM itself, using a threshold of $2500 dollars a year of scale wages earned. This is designed to apply only to recording musicians, so symphonic players whose orchestras produce recordings would not be subject to this provision. The new Bylaw language requires the participation of the EMSD Oversight Committee, so rank-and-file representatives can help make the process work. The new administration has already begun actively seeking input about how best to implement this new provision. Our community has a real opportunity to help the AFM thrive both financially and in regards to community involvement and democracy.
We can also report that the AFM’s disastrous experiment with work dues on our residuals is over.

The 2010 Convention marks a sweeping change in our union’s leadership, and represents the beginning of an era of greater collaboration for the benefit of all AFM members.

(Reprinted with the permission of the RMALA Gazette)