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RMA Address to the ROPA Conference

Omaha, Nebraska
August 5, 2010

On behalf of the Recording Musicians Association, I would like to thank you for inviting us to share in your very full agenda here in Omaha. Congratulations to Carla and the whole Board on a successful, professional and productive ROPA Conference. The RMA is always honored to be invited to participate at ROPA, and 2010 is a very special year. Continue reading

AFM Convention Videos Available

The American Federation of Musicians has a YouTube Channel, and it currently features a variety of videos from the 2010 AFM Convention.

President-elect Ray Hair’s acceptance speech at the Convention is now available. Please click on The video is in two parts, so don’t forget to click on Part 2 in the menu on the right.

The YouTube playlist for all of the videos available from the Convention can be found at You can currently view all of the speeches from both the incoming and outgoing AFM Officers at the 2010 Convention.

Please consider hitting the “subscribe” button for the AFM YouTube Channel; this gives you the option of being automatically notified when new AFM videos become available.

AFM Election Results

The American Federation of Musicians 2010 Convention held its election for new Officers on Wednesday, June 23, 2010. There will be a whole new administration leading the AFM, lead by new President Ray Hair. Bruce Fife will be our new International Vice President and Sam Folio has won reelection as Secretary-Treasurer. Bill Skolnik was reelected as Canadian Vice President. The new Executive Board consists of Vince Trombetta, Tino Gagliardi, Dave Pomeroy, Joe Parente and Tina Morrison.
Other races are still being counted, and more information will follow. You can find complete coverage at the AFMObserver Convention Diary here.
Ray Hair  *

EMSD in Disarray

The Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD), which is designed to administer and enforce AFM recording contracts, is in disarray.  The processes that were developed over decades to ensure peaceful and successful functioning have been completely undermined.  And there is no end in sight. Continue reading

Red Zone at the Pension Fund

Dear Colleagues,

Last month we shared with you the imminent prospect of the Pension Fund (AFM-EP Fund; U.S.) being certified as being in the Red Zone, or Critical Status. We also wrote to you about the legal requirement for the Pension Fund to then develop and implement a Rehabilitation Plan should that occur. Today new information has appeared on the Fund website,  We recommend that you go to that site and read all of the new announcements concerning the Notice of Critical Status and the Rehabilitation Plan. Continue reading


The American Federation of Musicians and the ANA-AAAA Joint Policy Committee of the advertising industry have concluded negotiations for a successor agreement for the AFM Television and Radio Commercial Announcements Agreement.

The first change is the name; the contract will now be more simply called the Commercial Announcements Agreement. Since 2001 our Agreement has covered the internet; it is no longer limited to TV and radio. Continue reading

Pension News

On April 1st, the Pension Fund (AFM-EP Fund; U.S.) starts its fiscal year. We are expecting an announcement from them shortly about the Fund’s financial standing.
The Pension Fund is expected to be certified as being in the Red Zone or Critical Status, as defined under the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA). In accordance with the PPA, the Fund must then adopt and implement a Rehabilitation Plan as soon as possible. The purpose of the Rehabilitation Plan is to improve the Pension Fund’s financial health with the stated goal being the Fund’s emergence from Critical Status within 10 years or as soon thereafter as possible. Continue reading