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Dear Colleagues,

We have a full plate for this new year; 2011 will see RMA working on your behalf in a variety of different areas.

The Sound Recording Labor Agreement negotiations between the AFM and the major labels begin with a caucus day on Monday, January 10, and will continue through that week. Continue reading


Dear Colleagues,

The Electronic Media Oversight Committee; Phil Ayling, Bruce Bouton, Neil Stubenhaus and Bill Foster, worked with President Ray Hair and our new IEB to craft the best plan possible. The AFM, Local Officers and RMA Chapter Officers in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles reached out to communicate. We sent the communication included below almost a month ago, and since then, AFM musicians – you and your colleagues – cast ballots. Continue reading

Vote YES

Dear Colleagues,

If you earned more than $2500 in national contracts recording (non-symphonic) last year, you are elegible to participate in an unprecedented act of union democracy. You should have recieved, or will shortly recieve, a ballot in the mail from the American Federation of Musicians, and we strongly recommend a “yes” vote. Continue reading

RMA 2010 General Conference and Elections

The Recording Musicians Association held its General Conference on Friday and Saturday, November 5th and 6th, 2010. Our Conference was graciously hosted by Local 802 in New York City.

RMA Officers and Delegates arrived from Los Angeles, Nashville and New York, and were joined by guests from San Francisco, as well as AFM President Ray Hair, Secretary-Treasurer Sam Folio, International Vice President Bruce Fife, and Executive Officers Vince Trombetta and Tino Gagliardi, along with AFM staff including Assistant Executive Director of the EMSD Pat Variale. We were also pleased to be joined by the President of the Regional Orchestra Players’ Association (ROPA) Carla Lehmeier-Tatum, as well as SRLA rank-and-file representative Neil Stubenhaus, RMA Executive Publisher Jay Rosen, founding RMA Officer Mike Comins and RMA Election Chair Juliet Haffner. Continue reading

RMA Address to the ROPA Conference

Omaha, Nebraska
August 5, 2010

On behalf of the Recording Musicians Association, I would like to thank you for inviting us to share in your very full agenda here in Omaha. Congratulations to Carla and the whole Board on a successful, professional and productive ROPA Conference. The RMA is always honored to be invited to participate at ROPA, and 2010 is a very special year. Continue reading

AFM Convention Videos Available

The American Federation of Musicians has a YouTube Channel, and it currently features a variety of videos from the 2010 AFM Convention.

President-elect Ray Hair’s acceptance speech at the Convention is now available. Please click on The video is in two parts, so don’t forget to click on Part 2 in the menu on the right.

The YouTube playlist for all of the videos available from the Convention can be found at You can currently view all of the speeches from both the incoming and outgoing AFM Officers at the 2010 Convention.

Please consider hitting the “subscribe” button for the AFM YouTube Channel; this gives you the option of being automatically notified when new AFM videos become available.