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Videogames and the right to ratify your contract

Voters_125We all know this is a mess and it is not getting any better. While companies earn all-time profits, AFM Video Game employment has nosedived. Sadly, AFM wages for 2008 were half the wages in 2007.  Part of the problem is that the Federation is hiding the ball. There are big headlines in the IM, but even interested Locals can’t get actual numbers from their own International Union.

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Haiti Relief with the AFL-CIO

Double your donations to help Haiti with Union Plus

Survivors of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti need your help. The city is devastated. The number of dead and injured is estimated to be more than 100,000.

Make a donation to the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center’s Earthquake Relief* for Haitian Workers’ campaign and Union Plus will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000. Continue reading

Honolulu Symphony Board Votes to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

This story appears in the November, 2009 edition of the Musicians’ Association of Hawaii, Local 677 AFM newspaper.

The 84 musicians of the Honolulu Symphony, like the general public, learned from newspapers and television that the Honolulu Symphony Society Board of Directors intends to file bankruptcy only four weeks into the season and less than two months after the musicians agreed to contract concessions worth more than $500,000. Continue reading

Negotiations News Flash

The AFM, after more than 7 years, has finally begun negotiations with the major TV Networks for a successor agreement covering Live TV/Videotape (American Idol, David Letterman, Academy Awards etc..). This has all come up at the last minute and negotiations are starting today in New York. Continue reading